3.5 inch TFT LCD Panel - RFC350P-EIW-DBN
3.5 inch TFT LCD Panel - RFC350P-EIW-DBN

3.5 inch TFT LCD Panel

Model No. RFC350P-EIW-DBN

RFC350P-EIW-DBN is one of the models in our P series--- 3.5-inch TFT-LCD display module with controller board. The resolution of this module is 320x240 pixels, and it has 4 screw holes & metal frame allowing for quick mounting. The P series mainly uses RA8875 Controller IC. The TFT modules of this series are all characterized by the 36pin MCU 8080 8/16-bits Pin define, and 8/16-bits 6800 Pin define Interface can be selected through Jump. In addition, you can request external expansion of Chinese fonts (Optional) and flash memory. Through the built-in PWM Command of RA8875 IC, it can control its backlight and DMA (Direct Memory Access) to accelerate graphics.

The brightness is 420 cd/m2 with contrast ratio 350:1. LCM voltage ranges from 3V-3.6V, typical value is 3.3V. Operating temperature covers from -20~+70℃, storage temperature range is from -30~+80℃.

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  • General Specs
  • Interface Pin Function
  • Contour Drawing
  • Absolute Maximum Ratings
  • Electrical Characteristics
Item Dimension Unit
TFT Series TFT Panel with Controller Board
Size (Diagonal) 3.5 inch
Dot Matrix / Resolution 320 × RGB × 240 (TFT) dots
Module Dimension 93.5 × 66.44 × 8.6 mm
Active Area 70.08 × 52.56 mm
Dot / Pixel Pitch 0.073 × 0.219 mm
LCD Type TFT, Normally White, Transmissive
View Direction 12 o’clock
Gray Scale Inversion Direction 6 o’clock
Aspect Ratio 4:3
Backlight Type LED, Normally White
Control Board Yes
Built-in Controller RA8875
Interface Digital 8080 family MPU
Touch Panel Without Touch Panel
Surface Anti-Glare
Brightness 420 cd/㎡
O-Film No
Mounting Hole Yes
Operating Temperature -20~+70 °C
Storage Temperature -30~+80 °C

LCM PIN Definition (CON2)

Pin Symbol Function
1 GND System ground
2 VDD Power Supply : +3.3V
3 NC No connect
4 RS Data/Command select
5 WR Write strobe signal
6 RD Read strobe signal
7~22 DB0~DB15 Data bus
23 WAIT Wait Signal Output (H:active)
24 NC No connect
25 CS Chip select
26 RST Hardware reset
27~32 NC No connect
33~34 VLED- Power for LED backlight cathode
35~36 VLED+ Power for LED backlight anode

3.5 inch TFT LCD Panel - RFC350P-EIW-DBN

Item Symbol Min Typ Max Unit
Operating Temperature TOP -20 70
Storage Temperature TST -30 80

Operating conditions (CON2. Pin1=GND, Pin2=VDD)

Item Symbol Condition Min Typ Max Unit
Supply Voltage For LCM VDD - 3.0 3.3 3.6 V
Supply Current For LCM IDD - - 50 75 mA
Power Consumption   - - 165 270 mW

LED driving conditions (CON2. Pin33,34=VLED-, Pin35,36=VLED+)

Parameter Symbol Min Typ Max Unit
Operation Current For LED Driver IVLED - - 75 mA
Power Consumption - - - 375 mW
Supply Voltage For LED Driver VLED+ 3.3 - 5 V
LED Life Time - - 50,000 - Hr