7 inch High Brightness TFT LCD Display - RFF700A4-AWH-DNN - Raystar
7 inch High Brightness TFT LCD Display - RFF700A4-AWH-DNN - Raystar
  • General Specs
  • Interface Pin Function
  • Contour Drawing
  • Absolute Maximum Ratings
  • Electrical Characteristics
Item Dimension Unit
Size 7 inch
Dot Matrix (Resolution) 800 × RGB × 480 (TFT) dots
Module Dimension 165.8(W) × 106.61(H) × 6.5(D) mm
View Area 154.9 × 93.8 mm
Active Area 152.4 × 91.44 mm
Dot Pitch 0.1905 × 0.1905 mm
LCD Type TFT, Normally Black, Transmissive
View Direction 85/85/85/85 , IPS
Aspect Ratio 16:9
Backlight Type LED, Normally White
Control-Board No
Built-in Controller --
Driver IC NT51632T + NT52601TT
Interface 24-bit RGB
Touch Panel Without Touch Panel
Surface Glare,3H
Brightness 1000 cd/㎡
Frame Through Hole No
Operating Temperature -30~80 °C
Storage Temperature -40~90 °C
TFT Series High Brightness TFT LCD
Wide Temperature TFT
Wide View TFT

LCM PIN Definition

Pin Symbol Function
1 AGND Analog Ground
2 AVDD Analog Power
3 VCC Digital Power
4 R0 Red data(LSB)
5 R1 Red data
6 R2 Red data
7 R3 Red data
8 R4 Red data
9 R5 Red data
10 R6 Red data
11 R7 Red data(MSB)
12 G0 Green data(LSB)
13 G1 Green data
14 G2 Green data
15 G3 Green data
16 G4 Green data
17 G5 Green data
18 G6 Green data
19 G7 Green data(MSB)
20 B0 Blue data(LSB)
21 B1 Blue data
22 B2 Blue data
23 B3 Blue data
24 B4 Blue data
25 B5 Blue data
26 B6 Blue data
27 B7 Blue data(MSB)
28 DCLK Clock input
29 DE Data enable signal
30 HSD Horizontal sync input. Negative polarity
31 VSD Vertical sync input. Negative polarity
32 MODE DE/SYNC mode select .normally pull low
H: HV mode
L: DE mode
Suggest used DE mode, float HSD & VSD pin
33 RSTB Global reset pin. Normally pull high.
H: normal operation.
L: the controller is in reset state.
Suggest to connecting with an RC (10KΩ, 0.1μF) reset circuit for stability.
34 STBYB Standby mode. Normally pull low.
H: normal operation.
L: the controller and source driver will turn off.
Suggest to connecting with an RC (10KΩ, 0.47μF) reset circuit for stability.
35 SHLR Left or Right Display Control. Note1.
36 VCC Digital Power
37 UPDN Up / Down Display Control. Note1
38 GND Digital Ground
39 AGND Analog Ground
40 AVDD Analog Power
41 VCOM For external VCOM DC input
42 N/C Not connect
43 N/C(BIST) Not connect (Option Aging mode on/off control. Please float this pin)
44 N/C Not connect
45 N/C Not connect
46 N/C Not connect
47 N/C Not connect
48 N/C(CSB) Not connect (Option Serial communication chip selection. Please float this pin.)
49 N/C(SCL) Not connect (Option Serial communication clock pin. Please float this pin.)
50 N/C(SDO) Not connect (Option Serial communication data out pin. Please float this pin.)
51 N/C(SDI) Not connect (Option Serial communication data pin. Please float this pin.)
52 N/C Not connect
53 N/C(VPP_T) Not connect (Option Power supply for trim function. Please float this pin.)
54 N/C Not connect
55 N/C Not connect
56 VGH Positive Power for TFT
57 VCC Digital Power
58 VGL Negative Power for TFT
59 GND Digital Ground
60 N/C Not connect

Backlight PIN Definition

Pin No. Symbol Description
1 A Red, LED_ Anode
2 K Black, LED_ Cathode

7 Wide Temperature, High Brightness, Wide View TFT LCD Display - RFF700A4-AWH-DNN

Item Symbol Min Typ Max Unit
Operating Temperature TOP -30 +80
Storage Temperature TST -40 +90

Operating conditions

Item Symbol Min Typ Max Unit
Supply Voltage Vcc 3.0 3.3 3.6 V
VGH 19 V
VGL -10 V
AVDD 12.4 V
Input signal voltage ViH 0.7*Vcc Vcc V
ViL 0 0.3*Vcc V
Current of power supply IDD 15 mA
IADD 20 mA
IGH 0.25 mA
IGL 0.50 mA


LED driving conditions

Parameter Symbol Min Typ Max Unit
LED current 360 mA
LED voltage A~K 13.5 15.0 17.2 V
LED Life Time 50000 Hr