160x160 LCD, LCD 160x160 - RG160160A
160x160 LCD, LCD 160x160 - RG160160A
160x160 LCD, LCD 160x160 - RG160160A
160x160 LCD, LCD 160x160 - RG160160A

160x160 LCD, LCD Graphic 160x160

Model No. RG160160A

RG160160A is a graphic LCD display series with resolution of 160x160 pixels, the module dimension is 89.2×85 mm. The module has a PCB with screw holes and peripheral circuit for easy mounting and usage. Logic voltage ranges from 2.7V-5V, driving method is 1/160 duty . Operating temperature covers from -20~+70℃, storage temperature range is from -30~+80℃. We offer a variety of combinations of LED backlight and LCD mode. Please contact us for your request.

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  • General Specs
  • Interface Pin Function
  • Contour Drawing
  • Electrical Characteristics
Item Dimension Unit
Dot Matrix / Resolution 160 × 160 dots
Module Dimension 89.2 × 85.0 × 14.5 (MAX) mm
Viewing Area 62.0 × 62.0 mm
Active Area 60.78 × 60.78 mm
Mounting Hole 84.2 × 80.0 mm
Dot / Pixel Size 0.36 × 0.36 mm
Dot / Pixel Pitch 0.38 × 0.38 mm
IC NO controller
Interface No
Power Supply 5V
Duty 1/160 duty cycle
Type LCD Graphic Display Module
Pin No. Symbol Description
1 VSS Ground
2 M Frame reverse signal(alternate signal)
3 FLM Scan start-up signal
4 CL1 Data latch pulse
5 CL2 Data shift pulse
6 DB3 Data bus line
7 DB2 Data bus line
8 DB1 Data bus line
9 DB0 Data bus line
10 VEE Negative Voltage Output
11 VDD Power supply for logic
12 VO Contrast Adjustment
13 DISP OFF Display off H:ON L:OFF
14 A Power supply for B/L -
15 K Power supply for B/L -

160x160 LCD, LCD 160x160 - RG160160A - Raystar

Item Symbol Standard Value
Input Voltage VDD 3/5 V
Recommended LCD Driving Voltage for Normal Temp.
Version module @25ºC
VDD-VO 18.75 V