Alternative STN LCD series in response to Sitronix’ reduction of chip production



In response to the notice of Sitronix’ (chip supplier) production reduction, Raystar has developed new series of alternatives using new chips. Please refer to the table below to find alternative series for the original ones. If you have any queries, please contact your sales associates at Raystar.

Orginal Series IC model of reduced production New Series New IC
RX1602A3 ST7032(i) RX1602K ST7032A(i)
RX1602A4 ST7032(i) RX1602L ST7032A(i)
RX1602A5 ST7032(i) RX1602M ST7032A(i)
RX12864A1 ST7565P RX12864M ST7567
RX12864B1 ST7565P RX12864N ST7567
RX12864C2 ST7565P RX12864P ST7567S
RX12864D3 ST7565P RX12864Q ST7567
RX12864T ST7565P RX12864T1 ST7567S
RX12864U ST7565P RX12864U1 ST7567S