RAYSTAR Won National Industrial Innovation Award of Taichung City 2021



Raystar Optronics is pleased to announce that High Effective Drive OLED Electric comb won the Industrial Innovation Award of of Taichung City 2021.


Product: High-Efficient Electric Hair Comb with Deep-red Organic Light-Emitting Diodes


During the development process of this High-Efficient Electric Hair Comb, the biggest challenge encountered was how to develop the key OLED material structure to make the comb have deep-red light’s wavelength, long lifetime, high efficiency, and to reduce the impedance between the circuit and the material.


With CEO Dr. Venson Liao’s visionary leadership, Raystar invested a lot of manpower, material resources and funds for design and development. The Executive Vice President: Mr. Chen, Hsueh-Wen was assigned to lead this project by integrating capabilities of each team, combining our company's practical experience of mass production and our own expertise in the OLED industry.


Supported by the subsidies of Central Taiwan Science Park Bureau, Raystar has established basic research and results. Ultimately, the key obstacles were overcome. With the combination of hair comb, the wavelength (580nm-780nm) of deep-red OLED light-emitting element and light pulse IPL control module, Raystar successfully developed and integrated these 3 key elements into an innovative High-Efficient Electric Hair Comb.


This product has the function of combing hair and massaging the scalp. Deep-red light waves can be completely absorbed by plant photosensitizers and biological tissues, promote biochemical reactions and metabolism, and are widely used in the cosmetic surgery and agricultural market.


RAYSTAR Won National Industrial Innovation Award 2021


Source: 中科簡訊 CTSP Journal, Sept. 2021, p5