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Insight Of Next Display【Issue No.123】 October, 2020
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September, 2020
Dear subscribers,
Welcome to this issue of newsletter! In this monthly dose of Raystar’s update, we’re excited to introduce some new displays we developed over the past few weeks. We appreciate your constant support and attention to our news.

Contents in Issue No. 123
1. [REP012832A-CTP] 2.23" 128x32 OLED Display with PCAP Touch Panel
2. [RFF700B2-AIH-DNG] 7 inch TFT LCD Display Module with PCAP
3. [RFH700M-EAW-LRN] 7" 1024x600 STM32 TFT LCD with MCU Control-Board
4. Comparison: Functions of RFH700M-EAW-LRN
5. More Functions of RFH700M-EAW-LRN

1.[REP012832A-CTP] 2.23" 128x32 OLED Display with PCAP Touch Panel

REP012832A-CTP is a graphic OLED display module with PCB & capacitive touch panel. The touch screen has glossy surface and supports 1-point touch detection. There are two mounting methods of this module, one is using pin header; the other is fixing it with screw holes. Besides, we provide 3 interfaces of connection for customers to choose from: PIN, FPC (need an extra connector), and Hot Bar.

On top of that, we also provide small vibrating motor and buzzer as optional add-on accessories. This 2.23 inches graphic OLED module is a good fit for smart home application, smart control system, medical equipment, etc.



■Module dimension: 66.5 x 35.0 x 10.55(Max)
■Active area: 55.018 x 13.098 mm
■Dot Matrix: 128 x 32
■Pixel size: 0.408 x 0.388 mm
■Pixel pitch: 0.43 x 0.41 mm
■Display Mode:Passive Matrix
■Duty: 1/32 Duty
■Display Color: White
■OLED Interface: 6800, 8080, 4-Wire SPI, I2C
■SIZE:2.23 inch
■CTP IC: FT6336U
■Detect Point:1
■CTP Interface:I2C
■Surface: Normal Glare



>> Link to REP012832A-CTP


2.[RFF700B2-AIH-DNG] 7 inch TFT LCD Display Module with PCAP

RFF700B2-AIH-DNG is a 7-inch TFT LCD module with projected capacitive touch panel. Built-in HX8264-E and HX8664-B driver ICs support 24 bit RGB interface, and also, the module has built-in DC to DC function. The contrast ratio of the module is 800:1 (typical value), the brightness is 700 nits (typical value), and the aspect ratio is 16:9. RFF700B2 series and RFF700Y series are compatible. If you’ve already used our RFF700Y series, you can give this new RFF700B2 series a try.



■Size: 7.0 inch
■Dot Matrix: 800 x RGB x 480 (TFT) dots
■Module dimension: 165 x 100.0x 7.42 mm
■Active area: 154.08 x 85.92 mm
■Pixel Pitch: 0.1926 X 0.179 mm
■LCD type: TFT, Normally White, Transmissive
■View Direction: 12 o’clock
■Gray Scale Inversion Direction: 6 o’clock
■Aspect Ratio: 16:9
■Backlight Type: LED ,Normally White
■TFT Interface: 24 bit RGB
■Color arrangement: RGB-STRIPE
■Driver IC: HX8264-E&HX8664-B or Equivalent
■PCAP IC: FT5426 or Equivalent
■PCAP Interface: I2C
■PCAP FW Version: V03
■Touch Panel: PCAP/RTP optional
■Surface: Glare


>> Link to RFF700B2-AIH-DNG


3. [RFH700M-EAW-LRN] 7" 1024x600 STM32 TFT LCD with MCU Control-Board

This 7" STM32 TFT-LCD display module is a new product of our M-series. Because of IPS panel, it has advantage of wider viewing angle. The module has anti-glare glass surface with aspect ratio 16:9. There are options of resistive touch panel and capacitive touch panel to choose from.

M-series is also named “Clever System”, that is, smart TFT display. The module has a built-in micro controller STM32F429 (CPU Frequency 180MHZ) on the control board. R&D of Raystar designed a user’s interface (UI) and through this TFT UI editing software and firmware, the users can cut down on development time of their projects. For more info of this M-series IPS TFT, please see the specs below.



■Size: 7.0 inch
■Dot Matrix: 1024 x RGB x 600 (TFT) dots
■Module dimension: 170.3 x 103.8 x 20.15 mm
■Active area: 154.2144x85.92 mm
■Dot pitch: 0.1506x0.1432 mm
■LCD type: TFT, Normally Black, Transmissive
■Viewing Angle: 85/85/85/85
■Aspect Ratio: 16:9
■Backlight Type: LED,Normally White
■Interface: Uart 19200 Baud rate/SPI
■Touch Panel: PCAP /RTP options
■Surface: Anti-Glare
■Operating mode: Slave mode
■Flash Memory Size: 32M bits
■SD card format: FAT, exFAT



>>Link to RFH700M-EAW-LRN


4.Comparison: Functions of RFH700M-EAW-LRN

Below is the functions comparison of RFF700M-EIW-DRN and RFH700M-EAW-LRN:

Function RFF700M-EIW-DRN
(RFF700G TN panel)
(RFH700A8 IPS panel)
Text Mode (ASCII) V  
Unicode Text Mode   V
Flash File System   V
Save Image   V
Save Font V V
QR code Generator   V
Clean Block V V
Storage Image In Flash   V
Paint SD Card Image V V
Paint Geometry V V
Sleep Mode V V
PWM output V V
Setting Backlight V V
PTP Calibration V V
Erase Flash V V

Please note:
1. UART commands are incompatible with other M-Series TFT modules. 
2. SPI Commands are incompatible with other M-Series TFT modules.


5.More Functions of RFH700M-EAW-LRN

1. Flash File System:
1-1 More convenient to manage flash space.
1-2 Delete or add files more easily.
1-3 It is available to check flash file list.

2. Unicode Text Mode (Multi-Font):
2-1 Support Unicode characters.
2-2Download the selectable Unicode font range to Flash.
2-3 Font and character size are adjustable
2-4 Build-in font (ASCII,0x20-0x7E).

3. Image Storage In Flash:
3-1 Protect image data from being modified easily
3-2 Support multiple image file formats: BMP, PNG, JPG, GIF, TIFF.

4. QR code Generator:
4-1 Generate dynamic QR codes.
4-2 size and color can be modified.

5. Virtual Layer:
5-1 One virtual layer can be edited.
5-2 Show image by changing the layer.
5-3 Elevate visual performance.

6. More Geometry function:
6-1 Circle
6-2 Ellipse

7. How to display Image on SD Card:
7-1 The command of displaying images depends on the file name.
(RFF700M-EIW-DRN version: follow the image order)

8. Constant-color Matting:
8-1 New command to set a color to be transparent. Not only for images in SD card but also in flash.

RFH700M-EAW-LRN - QR code Generator
QR code Generator

RFH700M-EAW-LRN - Virtual Layer
Virtual Layer



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