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Insight Of Next Display【Issue No.136】 November, 2021
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November, 2021
Dear subscribers,
Welcome to this issue of newsletter! In this monthly dose of Raystar’s update, we’re excited to introduce some new displays we developed over the past few weeks. We appreciate your constant support and attention to our news.

Contents in Issue No. 136
1. [REA160128A] 1.92 inch 160x128 COG OLED Display Module with PCB
2. [REN025664D-CTP]5.5" 256x64 COF Capacitive Touch OLED Display with PCB + Frame

1.[REA160128A] 1.92 inch 160x128 COG OLED Display Module with PCB

REA160128A is a dot matrix 160x128 COG graphic type OLED module with PCB. The size of the active area is 1.92” diagonal with module dimension 34.9×57.8 mm. This 1.92-inch OLED module has built-in IC SH1108, boasts high contrast ratio 10,000 : 1, and supports 4-line SPI serial Interface.

Logic supply voltage ranges from 1.65V-3.3V, the typical value is 3V. The available emitting colors are white and yellow. The module can operate within the range of -40°C to +80°C; storage temperature ranges from -40°C to +85°C. Feel free to send us inquiry if you’d like to know more information.



■Module dimension: 34.90 × 57.80 × 5.36 Max. mm
■Active area: 28.908 × 39.34 mm
■Dot Matrix: 160 × 128
■Pixel size: 0.206 × 0.226 mm
■Pixel pitch: 0.226 × 0.246 mm
■Display Mode: Passive Matrix
■Duty: 1/128 Duty
■Display Color: White / Yellow
■IC: SH1108
■Interface: 4-line SPI
■Size: 1.92 inch



>>Link to REA160128A


2.[REN025664D-CTP]5.5" 256x64 COF Capacitive Touch OLED Display with PCB + Frame

REN025664D-CTP is a graphic COF capacitive touch OLED display module with resolution 256x64 pixels. Module size is 147×59 mm; Active area size is 135.65×33.89 mm (5.5 inches diagonal). The capacitive touch panel has built-in IC GT911, supporting 1-point touch. The additional PCB on this OLED display helps users to save time on developing PCB on their own. Also, there's an added frame with four screw holes allowing users for quick mounting.

This OLED module has built-in IC SSD1322 supporting 8-bit 8080 / 6800, 4-line / 3-line SPI interfaces. Our OLED displays boast high contrast ratio 10,000:1 making the visual performance stand out from traditional displays. Logic supply voltage ranges from 2.8V-3.3V, the typical value is 3V. The module works within temperature from -20℃ to +70℃; Storage temperature range is -30°C to +80°C

Raystar provides two emitting colors for you to choose from: green and yellow. On top of it, it also supports grayscale 16 shades (4bits). REN025664D-CTP is a good fit for applications such as industrial, medical equipment, smart home appliances, dashboards, etc.



■Module dimension:147.0 × 59.0 × 4.8 mm
■Active area: 135.65 × 33.89 mm
■Dot Matrix : 256 × 64
■Dot Size: 0.5 × 0.5 mm
■Dot Pitch: 0.53 × 0.53mm
■Display Mode: Passive Matrix
■Duty: 1/64
■Gray Scale: 4 bits
■Display Color: Green / Yellow
■OLED Interface: 6800,8080,SPI
■Size: 5.5 inch

■CTP IC: GT911
■Detect Point:1
■CTP Interface: I2C
■Surface: Normal Glare



>>Link to REN025664D-CTP



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