Raystar Character OLED display modules are including COB and COG structures and are available in monochrome colors of White and Yellow, optional for Green, Blue or sky blue (might have MOQ).  The Character OLED Displays resolution options are 8x2, 16x2, 20x2, 20x4 and 40x2 with 6800/8080/SPI/I2C interfaces available. The COB structure is compatible to COB STN LCD module products in mechanism and the OLED COB IC is support four languages at once.


With advantages in wider viewing angle up to 175 degree, higher contrast, faster response, OLED display modules becomes the most advanced technology and optimal option among the monochrome displays products. OLED Character display module is ideal display for industrial applications such as Audio, POS, Measurement equipment or any displays needs for showing characters.

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