Raystar offers a variety of combination for OLED graphic displays with capacitive touch screen (touch panel), for instance, touch OLED with PCB, and touch OLED with different FPC sizes. Structure wise, we also provide different options to choose from, including COG, COG+PCB and COF structured OLED touch display modules. All of them are available in monochrome color White and Yellow; if you require special colors such as Green, Blue or sky blue, please send us inquiry via website for further information.


There are a couple of advantages that make OLED displays stand out, such as self-emitting, low power consumption, high contrast ratio, wide viewing angle, etc.


Our OLED touch displays are a good fit for medical equipment, smart home devices, measuring instruments, industrial equipment, consumer products, and so on. Please feel free to let us know if you need any further information.

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