System Integrated Solution

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System Integrated Solution

Raystar system integration provides technology solutions to meet the needs of our clients. We can offer customers different options, including communication interface design, graphical user interface programming (GUI programming), multi-language fonts, inputs for user interface (such as custom touch screen, custom membrane keypad, LCD keypad shield, push button keypad, membrane keypads, membrane touch switch, 4x4 membrane keypad), output interface, driver board, custom shape pcb / pcb panel size, mounting options / methods, integrated display, custom TFT/ OLED / STN / 7 segment LCD display and full embedded display solutions.

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Why choose Raystar System Integration Solution?

1. Raystar has a wide array of display modules to choose, including STN/OLED/TFT.
2. Our R&D department is able to provide system integration including hardware and software/firmware design.
3. The engineers of R&D team are familiar with interfaces of our display modules. We also have some module experts who can be of help.

  • Communication interface design

    Communication interface design


  • Multi-language Font

    Multi-language Font


  • CUI Programming

    GUI Programming


  • Output interface

    Output interface

    -GPIO contact point
    -Custom Display rendering of User Interface.

  • Inputs for User Interface

    Inputs for User Interface

    -Custom Touch Screen
    -Membrane Switches / Tact Switches
    -Silicon keypads

  • Driver boards

    PCB Custom shape & size


  • Driver boards

    Driver boards


  • PCB Custom shape and size

    Mounting options & methods


  • Custom TFT/ OLED / STN /  Segment LCD

    Custom TFT/ OLED / STN /  Segment LCD


  • Full embedded display solutions

    Full embedded display solutions



The general process for a display integrated system


■ Project scope define 
1. I/O
2. UI
3. Scenario



■ Display Module
■ PCBA Solution survey



■ PCBA Schematic Design
■ Layout
■ Firmware Coding if necessary



■ PCBA Engineering sample implement
■ System function test



■ Deliver to customer for project approval